Volunteering Process

Volunteering Process
Steps on volunteering are listed below:
• Application
• Foundation introduction meeting
• Volunteers determine their areas, their workload and time schedule
• Autism orientation
• Mini-trainings designed according to volunteers working areas and on the job training
• Volunteer works
• Volunteer motivation activities scheduled with a certain time frame
Our volunteering process moves on as below:
• Volunteer candidates who applied to our foundation are invited to monthly foundation introduction meeting via sms and e-mail
• If a volunteer candidate does not participate in above mentioned meeting for two times in a row, he/she will be transferred to passive volunteer list.
• In the meeting volunteer candidates fill a form and set down their areas and suitable weekdays & hours of choice.
• Volunteer candidates receive training and/or on the  job training, needed for their areas of work.
• First two months of the volunteer can be seen as a time period for both parties to get to know each other.
• Active volunteers who attend regularly and constantly in these first two months time are transferred to Tohum volunteer status.
• Volunteers are expected to attend on their volunteering activities regularly and constantly.
• In cases where a volunteer can not come to work he/she has to notify volunteers coordinator as early and as possible he/she can and refer another volunteer.
• Volunteers should regularly follow e-mail group founded for communicating with foundation and with each other.