Tohum Autism Education Portal

Tohum Autism Education Portal provides service free of charge via a website provided by Tohum Autism Foundation.
The portal includes 5 sections and 20 modules, directed to teach autism characteristics,conduct early intervention actions at home and prepare children with autism to other stages of life. You can subscribe only with your e-mail address. Each module comprises of functional informations,example videos,various activities and test questions.
20 modules within the portal are prepared with a certain flow phase. Therefore it is for your benefit that you follow the modules in presented flow line. Besides, each module consists of a wide range of sub-sections. For modules to achieve their objective,members should read these sub-sections with order,watch related videos,carry out suggested activities,emphasise debate topics and answer test questions. In some modules there are reading texts both in English and Turkish. But portal users without English skills should not worry,because understanding modules does not depend solely on reading the texts. Two languages were offered to users who want to gather much more information on certain topics. 
Certificate of Achievement
At the end of each module there is an optional evaluation part. If portal users select evaluation part and request questions,10 right-wrong questions pop up from question pool designed for specific modules. Each portal user has 3 question request rights on each module. Once the questions are presented, user uses one of the rights, even though he/she finishes the questions or not. Therefore it is important that the users do not start requesting questions before they feel themselves ready.
Success criteria on evaluations is scoring 8 out of 10. On each module, the highest score of user is taken into consideration. Users who completed any 9 modules successfully are given Beginner Level Certificate of Achievement, whereas users with 18 successful modules are given Advanced Level Certificate of Achievement.
Our Experts
Prof. Dr. Gönül Kırcaali-İftar
Prof. Dr. Bülbin Sucuoğlu
Prof. Dr. Elif Tekin-İftar
Y. Doç. Dr. Onur Kurt
Y. Doç. Dr. Burcu Ülke-Kürkçüoğlu