Love Me Unconditionally - 2010

Love Me Unconditionally
Tohum Autism Foundation organised an event under the name “Love Me Unconditionally” which was a call to the society to understand these  “special children” , approach them without prejudgement and love them unconditionally. 
The event was held at Sortie, known as one of the best venues in İstanbul.  It opened its new concept place “Bosphorus By Sortie” and respect to their social responsibilities, Sortie has welcomed the  guests of  the party given for the benefits of Tohum Autism Foundation on 24 May 2010. 
The Founder and President of the Foundation  Mine Narin  shared the projects carried out with the cooperation of  Tohum Autism Foundation and  Ministry of National Education , Ministry of Health with the attendants. Continuing her speech the cartoon film that tells the story of a child with autism was shown.
An art piece that  Burhan Doğançay has donated to Tohum Autism Foundation was sold by auction at the event. The surprise of the night was, the famous phographer Nihat Odabaşı took pictures in a studio built for him at the event. The income of the photographs were granted to the Foundation to be used for the education of the children.