Inclusive Education Cartoon Film

Inclusive  Education Cartoon Film
Starbucks Turkey,  has been supporting  the projects that Tohum Autism Foundation carries out for early diagnosis and awareness raising about autism. “ Inclusive  Education Cartoon Film” is being prepared by contribution of Starbucks Turkey.
“ Inclusive  Education Cartoon Film”  is aimed to create awareness about  integration of the persons with disabilities in education and  targetted to be  conveyed  to the 4th Grade students , teachers  and the referred shareholders.
The film scenario, which was written by the Tohum Autism Foundation and The Counselor Team,was completed by Film Producer İdil Ar and The  based on to live with the differences , to respect the  others and to understand.
Rainbow School is inviting everyone  to watch this beautiful 3 minute film. we will announce on our website as soon as the film is finished.