‘Somebody Tell Me Special' Tohum Autism Foundation


‘Somebody Tell Me’ Special

In the special show organized with the colloboration of NTV Channel and Tohum Autism Foundation, Prof. Dr. Yankı Yazgan, Prof. Dr. Bülbin Sucuoğlu, movie critic Sevin Okyay, beloved actors and actresses Kenan İmirzalıoğlu,Tuba Büyüküstün, Erkan Petekkaya, Beren Saat, Cansel Elçin, Demet Evgar, Engin Altan Düzyatan and popstar Ajda Pekkan came together for children with autism.

The show was presented by Can Dündar and Gülay Afşar. For the first time in Turkey the movie “Temple Grandin” was shown, which won seven Emmies and tells about the extraordinary life story of Dr. Temple Grandin who has autism. She is a professor at the Zoology department of Colorado University. After the movie was finished, the actors and actresses emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and special education. Popstar Ajda Pekkan sang a sentimental song for the mothers of kids with autism.

Celebrities statements:

KENAN İMİRZALIOĞLU:   “We have to learn to love unconditionally and to be more patient. We should regard these special kids as our own.”


DEMET EVGAR:  “The symptoms of autism begin at the age of 2. Please pay attention to these symptoms…”

BEREN SAAT:  “When I visited the Tohum Autism Foundation’s school I realized how important education is for kids with autism.”

TUBA BÜYÜKÜSTÜN:  “Early diagosis is very important in autism,  if you have any suspects please make sure to visit a doctor.”

ENGİN ALTAN DÜZYATAN:   “To support kids with autism, we have to be aware of them first. Autism is not a sickness, it’s a disorder the kids are born into.”

ERKAN PETEKKAYA: “We should look after kids with autism, they are all our children.”

 AJDA PEKKAN:  “Every and each one of us has something to do for kids with autism. Let’s support them together.”

CANSEL ELÇİN:   “Thanks to special education provided intensely in early ages, characteristics of autism majorly decrease and the kids develop into independent individuals!”


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