Our Working Principal with Volunteers

Our Working Principal with Volunteers
We, staff of Tohum Autism Foundation perceive our volunteers as determinatives and value-adders. We believe that producing an efficient and strong team work with the volunteers can create real change and impact.  Following this belief, we adopt below working principals:
We do not discriminate against volunteers regarding gender, religion, language, nationality, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation.
We believe that, while working with volunteers, respecting differences and adopting humanitarian values makes us stronger.
We care for our volunteers areas of interest and skills.
We listen to volunteers, take their suggestions into consideration, give regular and constructive feedback, support them and try to increase their participation.
We keep our volunteers interests fresh, share their enthusiasm about volunteering in the foundation. We encourage them, increase their motivation and attendance.
We provide comfortable, fun and educative working environment for our volunteers. 
We place importance on volunteers participation on all processes, decision mechanisms and volunteers efficiency.
We try to solve volunteers problems related to our foundation as soon as possible.
We cooperate with volunteers on their education needs and strengthen them with education.
We become experienced by going through a reciprocative learning and interaction process with volunteers. We will use these gained experiences both in private life and work life.
We would like to thank our volunteers for sharing their energy, labor, time and hearts with us.