About Us

Tohum Turkey Autism Early Diagnosis and Education Foundation has been established on April 15, 2003 as a health and education foundation that aims timely diagnosis of children with ‘autism and prevalent development disorder’, frontiering in making them standing up individuals of our society by means of special education, and expanding such efforts throughout the nation.
Our vision
Facilitating the early identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and meeting the health and educational needs of children diagnosed with ASD in Turkey according to the world standards.
Our mission
• Meeting the information and support needs of families of children with ASD in order to have them pursue fulfilling lives
• Letting children with ASD receive early intensive special education services and be placed in least restrictive environments following early services.
• Initiating and supporting efforts for teacher training in ASD, providing education to children with ASD, and conducting research on ASD.
• Supporting and improving all health and education services regarding ASD provided nationwide.
• Increasing the quality of screening, assessment, and diagnosis procedures as well as disseminating these procedures throughout the country.
• Creating public awareness about ASD.
Our Core Principles 
• Scientific attitude
• Leadership and pioneering
• Sharing knowledge and skills
• Communication and collaboration among establishments
• Cost-effectiveness
• Valuing human and child, and advocating for the right to have the best services