2nd April World Autism Awareness Day


2nd of April is "World Autism Awareness Day" and April is considered as autism awareness month. We tried to create awareness and public opinion by using social media network Twitter to draw attention to autism which 1 in 110 children is diagnosed with.

To ensure that the word #autism gets into Turkey's top tweet (TT) list, we pushed the button on 2 April 2013 morning. With valuable support of individuals and institutions, awareness was created via social media.
We would like to thank on behalf of all our children and their families.
Tohum Autism Foundation
Some hashtag examples;
Do you know what #autism is?
#autism is seen on 1 in 100 children. 
#autism Love me unconditionally 
Only cure for #autism is special education.
#autism Over 100.000 children in Turkey are in need of education.
Young people with #autism can work
Kids with #autism have no physical limitations.
#autism cannot be diagnosed while pregnant
To get detailed info on#autism visit www.tohumotizmportali.org